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I studied Photography and Digital Imaging at University, then worked as a photographer and retoucher, mainly in food and tabletop. I then made the jump into production, where I have been working in a plethora of roles since 2008. I have since amalgamated all of my skills and experience into my roles within the camera department. I have many years' experience flying drones, from little toys right up to 20kg heavy rigs. I finished my ground school in late 2015 and gained my PfCO early 2016. Since then I have flown in everything from charity fund raisers to epic National Geographic shows. I have an in-depth knowledge of the law, planning and execution of drone work as well as the equipment and work flow of main camera units on sets.  

My main day to day roles are:
First A/C Focus Puller
Camera Operator
Drone Pilot

I have my own focus pulling equipment and drone platforms.
Please do get in touch!

Email: Hello@Ollysugars.com